Friday, January 16, 2009

Milo Pics

Logging Truck after Logging Truck speed by Mom's home. I'm going to
do a timed trial just like I did for the subway in Chicago.

Me and Kodie before our daily walk

Winter in Milo, ME

We watched a documentary about the far removed family of Jackie Onassis.
Her cousin who was certifably crazy and her eccentric aunt lived in a Hampton shack.
I have my scarf wrapped around my head as a tribute to the crazy cousin.

Home Sweet Home-now if there was only a logging truck passing
the house in the pic you would get the real feel.

Summary of Daily Life

I have had about 4 job interviews. I haven't really done well in them. I think mostly b/c my heart is not into it. I keep thinking about Rainier. I am really conflicted about whether to go back. I really, really miss being in Portland but I'm starting to settle into being in Milo. Seems like if I found a waitress job here under the table that it might make sense to stay here money wise. But there are moments that I feel like I'll go crazy if I stay in Milo because I am ssooooooo bored. Even though it is too ridiculous for anyone to be out in this cold weather I bring Kodie for a walk or in the yard for a run everyday. I clean the house. I been bringing my Dad back and forth to PT. I watch Rachel Ray and the Ellen Show. Go to job interviews. Break up cat fights. I am obsessed with Facebook. I surf the net for jobs, travel tips, news, virtual shopping, real estate, recipes, home decor. I spend 40 hours (that is the total of a full time job workweek) making Angie a scrapbook about our Road Trip. I'm so bored that I'm listing all the activities I do during the day for you to read. LOL! All I want to do is sit in a cafe/bookstore and read, people watch and surf the net. Why can't I be unemployed in a more urban area b/c I would stay this way then go back to Rainier. I'm starting to think that I might go back to Rainier. I really, really miss the mountain. I'm going to go next week to see if I can get a waitress job around here to see if I like it. I'm just confused about what I really want to do. Living in Milo is really hard because it is such a small town. Honestly, Rainier is more remote but at least I had a social life there. I am almost more isolated living in a small town in Maine. Crazy world.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Small Town Life

The thing I like best about small town life is that I can leave my car unlocked, keys in it and running while I skip into the store to buy a Coke.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's a Journey

I miss my sasquatch hunter blog. Why can't I just hunt sasquatch in Milo and call it good? The answer is I can. I think I was trying to separate Rainier from here and let's face it I miss Rainier!!! Sasquatch can be hunted for all over the world even right here in Maine. Okay, so I'm going to try to link the website for the Sasquatch Information Society to my blog. I especially encourage you to read the entry from Eagle Lake if your are not a believer. So from now on here I live and here I stay.