Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My tattered mail :(

Kodie's Top Maine Dog photo op

Nature and the FEDs

You may assume from my post title that I will go on a tireless rant about the politics of environmentalism. Or course, if you can find a connection between the United States Postal Service and the many herds of deer I saw today all the political power to you. Kodz and I went on another adventurous walk today. On our way out the driveway I stopped to check the mail. The only piece of mail was a small, sealed plastic pouch with a tattered personal letter inside addressed to me. Inside the pouch was a standard, small white envelope mangled within an inch of it's life with shredded green paper bleeding through the wounded envelope. Outside the plastic pouch is a typed form letter beginning with big, bold, capital letters announcing; WE CARE, going on to emphasize their regret of the damage to my important mail, expressing their apologies and promising to strive toward improving their processing methods. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. My question is...How, out of all the bills, catalogs, credit card offers, and coupon fliers, did the United States Postal Service manage to mangle one of the few personal letters I receive???? I think the answer somehow involves the chaos theory. Kodie and my other excitement during our walk was the number of deer we tracked today. We spotted a least ten deer tromping through the woods on our walk to see Mom at the high school. We live about 2 miles from the Penquis Valley High School where Mom teaches so we often make this a destination. On our walk back home we had a stare down with a second herd of about 17 deer. We stopped at a large marsh for semi-spontaneous doggy photo shoot. And, about a half mile later we saw another deer with it's whitetail swishing that bounded off into the woods with a second deer friend in the direction that would quickly rendezvous with other herd we saw. Fantastic!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Plumber's Crack

It has been weeks since I have been motivated to write on my blog. I have come to realize that central Maine is sucking the creative life out of me. My repetitive daily life of nothingness is making me a creative drone. Kodie and I do go on many walks but the weather today is a dreary mess again. We have seen lots of animal life on our walks. There is a small horse farm just down the road. We have seen three deer and a pileated woodpecker (very pretty and cool). My imagination has become dim-witted. Sigh. I miss the hustle and bustle of the city. It is official. I am a city girl. I can't live in this alienated desert of woods. But, an old school chum's plumber's crack did put a smile on my face today, while he was fixing the washer.