Friday, August 21, 2009

Like a River

It is really disappointing on so many levels how little I have written on my blog this summer. I would like to make promises that from now on I will be more dedicated to my blog writings but I feel in my heart that I may not be able to follow through so why be so rigid especially since my new motto is BE LIKE A RIVER. If you have obstacles just find a different path around it, trickle through it or flood over it. Or maybe I'm the dead leaf floating down it. I'm not sure but I really like the metaphor. I have not hiked nearly as much as I did last season but I did manage to make it up to Camp Muir with my dad a couple weeks ago. I have two more hikes that I want to accomplish this year to add to my Mt. Rainier hiking list. I want to hike up to Indian Henry's which is about a 14 mile hike round trip. There is a little cabin up there. And, I want to hike from Sunrise to Paradise. That would be a 22-23 mile hike and an overnighter. I think that's one of the reasons I haven't been writing on my blog so much. I like to share my hiking experiences and adventures in the woods. I just haven't done as much hiking this year. It is a much more social experience this year and I'm not big on writing about the everyday mundane conversations I have with people. Not enough freaks to exploit really.

For those loyal followers who have been faithfully checking to see if the hunter is still prowling, bless you and stay tuned: Pics will follow soon, as will my attempt to upkeep my preservation of life at Rainier.